Robert Burns

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This bust of the Scottish poet Robert Burns is one of an edition of only 150 pieces. Standing at around 11 inches including base, each work is hand cast and finished by the artist to ensure a work of the highest quality.

It is priced at just £129 including delivery to a UK address. PayPal automatically converts currency and calculates postage costs for overseas buyers.


Born in Alloway on the 25th January 1759, Burns is known world-wide for the superb expression, insight and honesty of his work.

The son of a farmer, Rabbie Burns’ education lasted until only his 9th year until required by his father to learn to work the plough.

Despite poverty Burns read as widely as he could and at eighteen discovered the works of poet Robert Ferguson and between tending his father and attempting to run the farm turned his hand to poetry. In 1785 he published his first collection-“Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect” and all 612 copies printed sold within a month. Surviving copies of this “Kilmarnock Edition” are now worth many thousands of pounds. After the publication of his second collectio

n he moved to a farm in Ellisland near Dumfries with his new wife, Jean Armour. However, after his crops failed and with a new baby to care for Burns reluctantly took a job as an excise-man. Over the next few years his poetic works and songs flourished despite his continuing poverty.

In 1796 with worries of debt hanging over him his health began to fail and despite his beloved Jean’s nursing ,died in July of that year.

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