Young Tom Morris

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This is an approximately two thirds life size bronze resin bust of the legendary Scottish golfer Young Tom Morris. It is one of a worldwide edition of only 75 pieces made available by the artist. The bust, which stands at around 16 inches (39cm) high including mahogany plinth, is finished with a dark verdigris patination. On the plinth is an engraved plaque with the inscription ” Young Tom Morris 1851-1875″ (not shown in the images). Personalized engraving can be supplied on request. Each of the works is supplied with a numbered certificate which is signed by the artist.

The statue is priced at just £375 including postage to a UK address.  PayPal will automatically convert currency and calculate postage for overseas buyers.

Born in St Andrews, Scotland in 1851, Young Tom Morris is remembered as golf’s first great champion. Morris was the son of the legendary Old Tom Morris and grew up surrounded by the game of golf. In 1868, Young Tom won the first of 4 consecutive opens at the age of just 17. He was and remains the youngest winner in the history of the event. After winning his third Open in 1870 and therefore winning the championship belt outright, the event was suspended by the authorities The Open was not played again 1871 while the ruling body figured out a way of over-coming such unexpected domination of the event. Eventually it was decided to rotate the event between three courses and to award the famous Claret Jug on a yearly basis as a prize. Unsurprisingly Morris won the event yet again in 1872.

Despite his incredible success on the course the story of Young Tom Morris is ultimately a tragic one. His young wife of one year was taken ill during childbirth. She died before Young Tom could reach her bedside. Morris never recovered from the shock and he died brokenhearted a few months later on Christmas Day 1875.

At his graveside is a memorial on which is inscribed “Deeply regretted by numerous friends and all golfers, he thrice in succession won the Championship Belt and held it without envy, his many amiable qualities being no less acknowledged than his golfing achievements”.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful piece of golfing history. Get yours today.

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